Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working with a Monochromatic Color Scheme

The photos in this post may be a bit out of order.  I was having trouble once I got them all loaded into the post and I was unable to move them around. 

Monochromatic Green Cartoon

Table Sign for Blues
The paint spot charm hanging from the bottom has blue-green on this side and blue-violet on the reverse.

     The opening lessons for art this year are coming together nicely.   Last week they were assigned a topic by having a category of art given to them on a tag.  I had these written on tags that were placed on the desks.  When they were ready to start working, they pulled a different tag from a bowl that told them the media to use. 

     I have decided to start with some projects that give the students some amount of freedom to choose the topic, but since we are working with colors on the color wheel they are having some restrictions on the color scheme. This week we are doing the students choice of art topic, but the color is being restricted to a designated color family.  That is assigned simply by the table where the student sits. 
Monochromatic Blue Landscape
     I am re using some signs that hung above the tables in the past, but I added more interest this year by creating shaped extentions that hook on by paperclips.   The middle piece is just a shape cut from construction paper.  The bottom shape looks like a smaller paint blot and it was made by painting on the cut out using the designated color and the 2 colors that are adjacent to it. 


Table Sign for Yellows
Charm on bottom has yellow-green on one side and yellow-orange on the other.
Monochromatic Yellow Design

Color Inspiration from Paint Store!

When these paint sample charts are open they reveal some really beautiful color schemes centered on color taken from several nature photos.  For our use in this lesson, we are looing at the cover only. 

In the photo below, you'll see some different signs that I have posted in the room while we are doing color families.  The students helped think of many different names for the 6 basic colors.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Table Sign for Greens
Charm hanging from bottom has yellow-green on one side and blue green on the other side.

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Oh Kathy what a fun and colorful way to decorate the room- kids will love it..
White pumpkins -I was gonna say I have seen orange pumpkins painted white really good idea if white are either more spendy or hard to find(:)
The lace pumpkins weren't my idea but I might use it LOL