Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Shopping Spree at Wet Paint

 Just inside the door I got stalled looking at the moleskin sketchbooks in all sizes and varieties.  My friends wondered if I would even have time to look at anything else.  They woke me up and reminded me that we arrived within a hour of closing time!  I barely turned the corner and I saw my favorite oil pastels.  I love the Portfolio brand water soluble oil crayons for working on white fabric and for making the large Kathy B's murals from her Kid's Art blog.

Entrance to a Very Fun Store!

Another thing I was impressed to see was several boxes of Color Aid paper.  I haven't used that since my college days, but it sure was great for making my very LARGE color wheel.  Every hue has a tint and shade and there art 220 swatches in the entire box!  I loved doing design assignments with that silk screened paper.  It reminds me of paint swatches that I often swipe from home improvements stores for my students use and when I make bulletin boards in my classroom.  I did not purchase a box, but if I think of something elaborate I may have to dig up some cash to get a box on my next visit.

Creative Window display at Wet Paint

I looked at a book on making zentangles and thought about purchasing it.  I ended up not getting it because I noticed that there was a more basic one published earlier and the one on the shelf was quite advanced.  I think we better start at the beginning and build up to the more advanced techniques.  I may check into ordering the original copy off their website. 

This store had everything to keep an artist happy.

Bye for Now!  I hope to shop here again SOON!
I know I'll want to come back for the fiber reactive dyes.  This is the only place I've been to where you can by open stock dye powders in any color you may want.  I usually have to order mine from Dharma and I have to wait for it to arrive by mail.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Such a treasure trove!

Funny you mentioned color aid paper. Someone on our art teacher message board in the school system said she had some up for grabs. I tried to respond as quickly as I could, but evidently it was a goner already. I haven't really thought about it since college either. jan

ArtMuse said...

Thanks for the comment Kathy, great blog. I love the title picture! About the theme's, I hadn't even thought of having a theme in the artroom until I saw a few fellow art ed bloggers post pictures with their themes and it got me thinking. Gotta love blogs right! :)