Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of Back to School and New Tables

There was much to be moved around during the summer to be able to move in some different tables, but after trying the out with the third graders today I am now sure they will work.
grade 3 students "break in" the new tables
The sixth graders fit in well too!  The tables are for keeps!
This old photo shows the old tables.  They were from the mid-20th century and used first in the highschool home ec room for sewing!  This furniture has seen better days!
The janitor chopped them up, but we saved the center storage column.  More on that detail later next week...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finishing Up the iPod Cakes

This afternoon we put the finishing touches on the iPod cakes. The control buttons are made from white marshmallow fondant with the center being colored to match the frosting. I was lucky to be able to borrow some special cake decorating markers from my good friend Debby and that made it super easy to detail the volume. The ear buds are made from Good and Plenty candies and the wires are from some trimmed sour rainbow strip chews. My mom and I are happy that they give the impression of a classic iPod.

Now I hope my 10 year old niece loves them too!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making iPod Cakes

It is my niece's birthday this week and my mom and I are making the little cakes today in the form of classic style iPods . They are turning out very cute. I'll post pictures again when we get them assembled.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The School Year Comes to a Close

We were able to get some really nice cover stock from a printing business this year so everyone was able to have an over sized portfolio to take home 2D art. Many of the fifth graders volunteered to fold and staple the cases.

Most everyone had enough time to doodle, paint, or decorate the outside. Some clever perfectionists even discovered that by flipping the outside to the inside they'd have more surface to get creative!

The sixth graders are moving on to middle school so we made two sides pocket folders from the donated cover stock. That way we could load the set of personal art and the assigned work on separate sides.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grandad's Bluff Scenes

We have a decent view from our schools top floor looking toward the east at Grandad's Bluff.  This year I decided to take the fifth graders up to a vacant classroom and have a first hand look at the scenery. 

Here are some of the results.  We sketched on 8.5 x 11 paper and enlarged the main lines to 12 x 18 paper in 3 class periods.  For 3-4 more class periods we were in the regular art room (out of view of the scenery).  The budding landscape artists finished out the scene by choosing a season and completed the look in charcoal, chalk, oil pastel and watercolor. 
Kaitlyn's Summer View

Grace's Winter View

Brandon's Autum Night View

 It is a project that is sure to become a tradition in our building because of the unique perspective of being so close to the real landscape feature. 

Jacob's Bluff with Abstract Rock Formations
Spring on Grandad's by Lane

Ground Level Viewpoint
photo taken from classroom and edited with i pad

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Masks and Artist of the Week

I am providing a link to our school's artsonia page to see more of the sixth grade masks.

I wasn't aware of it earlier in the week, but just today I noticed one of my students was randomly chosen as an artist of the week.  If you are interested and have a minute, perhaps you could vote for his cute little self portrait in a hand mirror.  

He is such a nice boy and I think he likes art class very much. It would give him a great boost if he would happen to win! He might even decide to say something if he learned that he was this week's winner in his age group. You see, he is selectively mute and we haven't figured out how to hear his voice at school. Apparently, he talks at home, but not with us. I have his older brother in my 5th grade homeroom and he doesn't even have any suggestions on how I might encourage him to speak. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paper Mache Masks

Here's a collection of some photos to help tell the story of how the sixth grade mask unit progressed.
made for Dare Officer Weaver

drying process took up lots of hallway space
painting and embellishment

Plastercraft stage

smoothing plaster over edges while it was off the plastic form

blended paint by Stephen

enamel paint pens were good for detail
snowman by Thomas
black poodle by josie

Owl by Liam
Aside from just a few masks that were a bit on the scary side, we had a successful mask making unit.  I tried to motivate the students away from the violence and blood theme, but was not entirely perfect at that.  Perhaps some of those types will want to display their mask propped among the Halloween pumpkins next fall. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lighthouse Sculpture

We used white earth clay to make these tiny little replica lighthouse scenes in the fourth grade.

They were painted using acrylic paints and a touch of water to get the paint to flow into the carved areas.

They were made sometime after we had done our sailboat monoprints and the light house collages with the turbulent oceans.

The bases were formed in a plastic lid that was about 5 inches across. and then the other details were formed and attached to the base with the slip.  Texture was carved into the water.  Finally a rocky cliff or shoreline could be added along the divide where the water met the shoreline.

Here is a sampling of the lighthouse collages that came before we made the little sculptures.