Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun with Seurat and His Dots

We have the mural glued together as of Tuesday and we are letting each class do a mini critique of the work.  As we talk we are finding places to do additional dots and blending of colors.  It might be nice to work in some signatures along the border also.  Perhaps we will do initials in pointillism.  

A tray of markers selected for this mural project.

Introducing the mural to one of the student groups.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat   1884-1886   Chicago Art Institute

An image edit made at Photofunia

Seurat Style Mural After Gluing Panels

We are talking through the results in each class right now.  I will most likely take volunteers as they finish other assignments and lead them through the final touches.  As you can see there are some areas that may need more yellow and some blending to do on the dark portion of the lady's skirt in the foreground.  Georges Seurat specified that the frame on his original always be white, so we will follow that suggestion.  We may put additional color on the pointillism border and then use white cardstock to frame the edge.  I'd like the framing strips to be about 2 1/2 inches wide.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon On the Island of La Grande Jatte: A Mural Activity for an Open House

Tomorrow our school is having a curriculum showcase open house.  One of the activities that will be going on is a mural project using Kathy Barbro's template for Seurat's Sunday Afternoon painting.  I am looking forward to creating this museum print out using a pointillism technique. 

I invited interested students to sign up to be called to the art room in shifts to work on the separate pages to create the mural.  We'll be using bingo style markers in the large spaces and crayola markers for more color variety.  The last three groups may use tempera paint and cotton swabs to put on the final touches.  So there should be plenty of dots and points going on for this particular replica.

I am anticipating a very fun day!

I have made a sample page to test the sizes of our markers and had a student helper sort several sets of markers so that we're ready to dive in to our art  tomorrow morning.