Monday, September 13, 2010

Restoration of Vincent VanGogh's Bedroom

photo from
I became aware of the recent project to clean and restore Vincent Van Gogh's Bedroom painting recently.  I happend to be choosing some books for my young readers and  I noticed a newly published leveled reader was written on the topic of this restoration.  I have downloaded a copy for myself and one for our school library. 

a sketch in one of Van Gogh's letters when he was describing his painting

Additionally, I looked at some articles on the internet that described what decisions were being made about the cleaning and restoration of this work of art.  It is known that Vincent himself considered this particular painting as one of his best.  In fact, he made two other versions of this same scene. 

I really enjoyed being able to read the opinions of the conservators by visiting their own blog that they have writen as they went through the process of evaluating, cleaning, and then restoring this artistic treasure.

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