Monday, December 13, 2010

Ornament Club

Shown here are all the members of this year's ornament club and the 2 leaders, Kathy O'Connor and myself.  We had a nice mix of children in grades 3 - 5.  This year we were able to make 8 ornaments.  We've been having regular meetings since just before Thanksgiving.  Our last meeting was on Wednesday Dec. 8th, so the tree is really well decorated.  I estimated that there are 180+ ornaments hanging already. 

Here is a great ornament idea I am filing away for next year:
photo by Joanna Davis

I just read a very wonderful idea for making a snowglobe like ornament on a different blog, so I am creating a link to it.  This was written up by Joanna on her blog, We Heart Art.  I wanted to bring it to the attention of my readers and create a reminder for myself to make them next year for our school's ornament club.  

#8 Plaster Cast Ornament

# 2 Reindeer by a Fence

#3 SnowAngel

#4 Pinwheel

#5 Decoupage

#1 Wooden Lightbulb

#7 photo perfect hanger

    #6 Wishing Spool
  1. wooden lightbulb:  ric rac hanger, paint, wooden light bulb shape
  2. Reindeer w/Fence  popcicle sticks, paint, trims, spoon shaped craft sticks
  3. SnowAngel:  foam, accucut shape, buttons, thin twigs, thin white wire, crackle medium
  4. pinwheel:  scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, jingle bell
  5. decoupage:  wrapping paper, acrylic medium
  6. wishing spool:  empty wooden spool, thin strip of paper
  7. Photo Perfect Hanger:  school photo, sharpies, accucut shapes
  8. Plaster Cast ornament:  acrylic paint and glitter glue
I am very willing to tell more details about any of these and welcome any questions you may leave as a comment. 

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