Friday, December 10, 2010

Farewell to Fall

    The fall season has come and gone so quickly this year.  Our school usually has an autumn harvest concert and a Christmas program, but for a change we have decided to have an Advent program and it will be followed by a winter concert in January.  It gives the students more time to prepare, but we have missed the fun pumpkin, scarecrow and football songs and artwork this year in the music room and art room.  It was the band instructor that suggested this change.

White Luminary Pumpkin for School Display

This is the white pumpkin we used at school while the 6th graders were sculpting the pumpkins.  Having it allowed us to see the ridges in the surface.   We attached 2 pinch pots with plenty of score marks and slip to mold them together.  Dental floss string helped us get the pumpkin ridges started and then they finished sculpting them with pencil tips. It was a very successful project this year.

Glazed pumpkins ready to come out of the kiln

Harvest Pumpkins in Moonlight

Indian Corn (unfinished sample)
unfinished scarecrow sample

Leaves Everywhere by Peter R. gr 5

Raining Leaves by Carley M. gr 5

Ceramic Leaves by Ryanne S gr 5
Hopefully this shows some of the things we have been working on in the past month at school.  It has been a busy time and we are currently involved in some very nice work with a Christmas theme.  I look forward to sharing those soon.

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