Thursday, December 23, 2010

More on the Ornament Club

For some reason my picture of our Christmas tree with our ornament club creations didn't post in my last message. 

Here is how our tree looks this year:

I am always on the lookout for more creative ideas for us to do next year and beyond and I have three more that I'd like to file away for the future.

I saw some very cute felt ornaments on Terri Wilhelm's blog called Terri's Notebook.  A friend of hers had created a pair of skates for a Christmas exchange package.  I was admiring them and wrote a comment about how cute they were.  Terri was so nice to do a little research and provided me with this link to a great tutorial on how to make them including how to use a large paper clip for the blades of the skates.  Thank you Terri!

The other ornament I want to do for next year was shown on the Crafty Crow.  It is a lovely red poinsettia made with coffee filters and paper tubes.

German Woven Stars  also known as Froebel or Moravian stars will be another craft for my future meetings of ornament club.  I must practice them myself this year so I will be able to guide the kiddos when they try weaving them.

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