Friday, October 17, 2014

Abstract Bike Close-ups By Grade Six

We tried a new project shortly after school opened this fall. 

Here are some of the results!

The pieces look so nice in the cafeteria.  I think it almost transforms it into a makeshift gallery!

After a class period of using the viewfinder to isolate objects in the room and for selecting close ups in a magazine, we went outside and drew bike parts from the bicycles that were in the racks.  Some kids were unusually loud and obnoxious, but we persevered anyway.  Nearly everyone came back inside with 3 to 5 sketches and had at least 1 or 2 usable compositions.

I had them use a star, plus, check, and a minus to indicate which sketches they preferred.  From there, we enlarged them to map paper from road atlases that I took apart at the binding. 

I have more atlases since we cleaned out the trunk of the car and the husband said, " The Garmin is easier to use". 

Anyone want to chime in with how your students may have used old map paper for art compositions?

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