Thursday, October 16, 2014

100 Faces Project

Since this fall we have been devoting some time to composing an assignment called "A Hundred Faces.  I got the inspiration from an actual art exhibit called "100 Faces Project"  Just over a year ago the exhibit was preparing for an opening.  Stephanie Fontain is the artist that worked on the project.  Her opening was held in Geneva Switzerland last November.  We found her video to be interesting, since she talks about and shows her creative process.

It has been challenging to the children of our school to create a work of art over the last 100 days of school.  We are soon to have our deadline and most students should be able to meet the due date of mid February.  Have yet to pinpoint the exact day since we would like it to be the 100th day of school, or at least in that week!

I got into it myself and am currently designing face 55 and 56.  I found that it helped me to keep track by writing a small numeral beside each face as I drew it.  

We have an annual showing of work at the shopping mall.  It'll be interesting to see a small sampling of these exhibited among the other assignments.  I plan to include the 3rd graders portrait bust sculptures surrounding the display boards of our drawings. 

I also found a YouTube drawing video that was quite inspiring.  The kids enjoyed drawing along with the artist as he explained how he like to show emotions on about twenty faces.

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