Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating Saint Faustina

More Thoughts on Kristina Nelson's Crayon Art

I have been searching the archives of Kristina Nelson's Crayon Art website.  I love her work very much and would someday like to own an original.  This piece pictured here is a very special and personal piece of hers that helps show what she was feeling when she decided to convert to Catholicism.  She says that it was her personal illustration of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that Jesus gave Faustina.

St. Faustina's feast day is celebrated today, on October 5th.

Crayon art by Kristina Nelson
Entitled:  The Mercy Prayer

Most, but not all of my students are already Catholic and I think they would see the significance of this work.  I know they would appreciate the beauty in it.  I am not Catholic myself, but I am moved by this piece of art.

Fortunately she is offering this piece as a print, so I may order a copy from her very soon.

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