Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Fun Day

Our school had a day of winter fun at a new place this year.    We finally got some snow to cover the ground and it was way above freezing for just this day!  How Perfect!

The volunteer workers were there to help the kids have the best experience at every station.  In groups of about 25, the kids were able to try out ice skating, cross country skiing, snow tubing, and broom ball.  Our extra activities were building snowmen, making pinecone bird feeders, and identifying animal tracks.  They even provided a delicious lunch of chicken strips and mac n' cheese. 

Skiing over the creek!

Grade 6 students step into the bindings
5th Graders wait to take off on the trail

A video of the game that one group of 5th grade played.

mouth guards were made on site

The volunteer ran the game and was coaching the kids on fair play and fun.  At the same time he had a watchful eye so that there was very little high sticking going on during the game.

Third Grade Teachers ran the station to make bird feeders.

advice was given on how to build a snowman

Choosing just the right accessories!

Living Waters Bible Camp was a great experience for our entire school.

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