Friday, October 21, 2011

Three Expressive Trees

 It's been great getting to meet all the new 3rd graders to our building. You see, they are new because Kindergarden through 2nd grade is located at a separate school.

Here they are in the art room having a go at the first lesson of the year.  We did a silhouette of 3 expressive trees.  Then they added color with acrylic and tempera.  Finally they filled the sky using the do a dot markers for a very impressionistic and expressive sky.

I will give some step by step details in another post soon. 

We were very proud of the results and our school will display these at the Harvest Concert in a few weeks.  Lovely job, third graders.  You are a talented group.

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Leslie Anne Pease said...

Such happy faces. Must be a great class.