Monday, September 12, 2011

Scholastic Art Magazine

I wonder how many art teachers out there are subscribing to Scholastic Art magazine.  I have been getting it for close to 5 years and I never realized what rich resources they keep on-line for teachers to use in the art room.  I really was impressed with the section on the artist biographies too.  I now have access to a smartboard, so I will be making use of some of the projection capabilities of the articles and the bonus video clips about some of the featured artists and techniques.

I recently became aware of this when I went to the website for a different Scholatic magazine called Storyworks.   I was so surprised by the extra activities, informative videos, and the ability to project the magazine articles on the Smartboard that I went straight to the Art magazine section to explore that content too.  I am so glad I checked in on this because I just found a wealth of content for art, that I know I will use all school year. 

I especially like using this art magazine with my 5th and 6th grade classes.
We were informed about Georges Seurat  and his pointillist style when we were working on our Sunday Afternoon mural last February.

We were inspired about the flags and maps when we looked at the work by Jasper Johns in a different issue.
The article helped to create our flag painting on canvas.


Do you find this publication and its on-line resources to be helpful?


Rhame33 said...

I am missing some recent copies of scholastic art and I would like to trade older issues for the ones I am missing. I have them back to 1987 or so.

tammyworc said...

I have all of the ones from this school year! Would you happen to have a copy of the Jasper Johns one?

Kathy said...

I do have several of the Jasper Johns issues. I might be able to mail you en extra copy.