Thursday, August 11, 2011

Footbridge Over Beaver Creek

While walking to dinner at a pizza place, a friend and I discovered the most quaint little park in Sparta Wisconsin.  Isn't it remarkable?!   It reminded us both of a Claude Monet garden.  Because it is built over a creek, there are no lily pads; but the willow tree sure helps the setting look like a scene from one of his paintings.

We have driven by this park more than 50 times and we never realized it was there.  We only just discovered it because we left the car parked up the street and decided to walk down to the pizza shop!  What a pleasant surprise.

Now I just need to find the pieces from a costume.   I have just the perfect black dress, white apron, MaryJane shoes, and the straw hat.  I think I might even be able to locate black leggings!  I dressed as Linnea for a library party at my school several years ago. 

Linnea en el jardín de Monet [Book]
I can hardly wait to find what I need and go back to that location for a better photo shoot.

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