Monday, June 7, 2010

Butterfly Mural

My students recently worked on our own version of this butterfly mural. Shown above is Kathy Barbro's sample butterfly for her mural. This is the second mural we have ordered from her wonderful blog. For just 5 dollars and some oil crayons and a bit of marker ink, our school was able to create a lovely and quite large masterpiece. I will be proud to hang it up in the hall for the start of next school year.
I have been wanting the chance to do another mural with my students anyway and this was the perfect opportunity. I ordered up one of Kathy Barbro's murals. I opted to have us work on the large butterfly. I realize that earlier I wrote that we'd do Seurat's Sunday Afternoon, but I think we need a bit more practice before we attempt it in the way I have planned. I saw the open background in the butterfly and right away I knew it would be the perfect place to practice enlarged pointillism.

I was able to use the help of everyone in grade 3 - 5 this time. Our 6th graders were already dismissed for the summer, so they were not involved in our last day of school activities.

With rain in the forecast for our last day of school the teachers voted to have our field day of games indoors this year. It worked out well. No one had to get wet walking over to a neighboring school and we didn't have to dash indoors if we were out on the playground or the grass and a downpour occurred. Additionally, we saved the money on hiring buses.

Various different stations of games and activities were set up in classrooms and throughout other areas of the school. A schedule of rotation for the groups was quickly drafted up and we were having a very smooth and fun 3 hours. The children were excused before lunch and their vacation began.

Tomorrow I will write more about our methods and have some photos as I piece the mural together.

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