Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shell Paintings

To see more from this body of work by 6th grade students, please click on the artsonia link to check out the other great work done by the entire grade level.

Students in grade 6 spent some time making observational drawings of shells before creating the final work in mixed media. They chose a shell to take back to their work area and make realistic interpretations of the shell. It helped to draw the contour first and then look to see if the shell had a texture or a special pattern or color design. After the several shells were composed, we covered the shell shape with a heavy application of wax crayon. Sixth grade students took a more painterly approach when they washed in warm blends of brown watercolor for sand and cool blue mixtures for the ocean.

After the paint had dried, some students went back in an drew sand and water textures using colored pencil. Others added water bubbles or spray from the ocean using a white oil crayon.

It was an enjoyable project and the art pieces have been on display in the hallway between the music and art room.

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